SP502A-C ItemNo: 122

ItemNo:122 RC Part No:800152-1 Description:Tube for Safety Guard micro switch assembly Aus Price:$9.00 NZ Price:$11.00

SP502A-C ItemNo: 123

ItemNo:123 RC Part No:800152-2 Description:Nut for safety guard microswitch assy. Aus Price:$4.00 NZ Price:$5.00

SP502A-C ItemNo: S5

ItemNo:S5 RC Part No:U-5DS3 Description:SP502A motor 240V-50HZ-1ph Aus Price:$347.00 NZ Price:$419.00

SP502A-C ItemNo: 115

ItemNo:115 RC Part No:5D09 Description:Carbon brush(Set of 2) suit SP-500A (For Models Prior to 2011 Aus Price:$26.00 NZ Price:$31.00

SP502A-C ItemNo: 115-1

ItemNo:115-1 RC Part No:5D09-1 Description:Carbon brush (set of 2) for models after 2011 Aus Price:$23.00 NZ Price:$28.00

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